I'm back after 5 years away

I’m Wondering what Media Sites work the Best at Promoting our Booths?

asked 6 months ago

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KAFarm says: January 09, 2019

I’m only working from gossip – Pinterest seems to require lots of work with very little return. Twitter didn’t seem to be much liked either. Instagram is the only one that anyone said much good about using a phone app to post and re-direct buyers back to their selling platform.

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Welcome back, @jenn_hulett! Sellers can easily share their listings on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Take a look at this help page we’ve created on promoting your booth: https://www.bonanza.com/site_help/booth_promotion/promoting_your_booth

Happy selling!

answered 6 months ago


Posting on Google + seems to generate the most traffic.

answered 5 months ago


I use many, but, I disagree with the Pinterest comment made above, it takes me about 5 seconds to post a new listing to Pinterest and with over 540,000 visitors to my Pinterest boards monthly, I can definitely say it isn’t for nothing. You gotta put in the time with Bonanza & any social network, if you do not and you fail, no one to blame but yourself. Good Luck to you!

answered 6 months ago

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